"The surface of the paper on which I create my nudes suffers a series of attacks, which are an integral part of the expressive language of my works. I try to give substance to a smooth and neutral surface, and make it undergo a deterioration alongside the image, which is also intentionally eroded and scratched. The "wounded" paper is then glued to the canvas, creating the image of a body which seems to re-emerge from the past, but carries with it the fragility and energy of contemporary man."

Bonfanti places his human figures in the center of his compositions, alone and naked, often surrounded by darkness and faceless. His subjects are rendered standing, sitting, or crouching, but regardless in the spotlight and at the center of the artist's attention where they can be best seen and the fragile yet perfect matter from which man is made reflected upon. The body is presented as a gift, a knot which absorbs more and more the dense taciturn mixture of the surrounding space as it unravels.